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'Game of Thrones' and recap shows: Why LA loves to discuss HBO's hit series

The much sought after Iron Throne, which is the object of many peoples' desires on the HBO hit series
The much sought after Iron Throne, which is the object of many peoples' desires on the HBO hit series "Game of Thrones."

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"Game of Thrones" is HBO’s small-screen phenomenon and counts as event viewing in this era of peak television. Whether it's the intrigue, the witty dialogue, the sex or just getting to see fire-breathing dragons lay waste to their enemies, people can't seem to get enough of it. 

The only thing that might be more popular than watching "Game of Thrones" is talking about "Game of Thrones," which many fans simply refer to as "GoT." Epic conversations can happen anywhere from a co-worker's desk to social media – even within KPCC studios.

Shows about the show have even surfaced, built to unpack anything from what happened on that night's episode to wild speculation and theories about what could (or in the case of many viewers, should) happen next. There are podcasts, dedicated sections on websites and YouTube shows.

Take Two's Libby Denkmann had a "Game of Microphones" with two L.A. locals who have spent a lot of time recapping the show. 

One of them is Aaron Johnson, one of the hosts of the LA Metro YouTube show, "Train of Thrones."

And Jonathan Van Ness is the host of the Funny or Die series, "Gay of Thrones."


Below are a few of the highlights of the "Thrones" talk:

On why "Game of Thrones" makes such good fodder for conversations:

Van Ness:

"I think whether you're binging or you're waiting for the next episode, I think what keeps people connected to television is their ability to relate to it. And ... I think GoT has so many really powerful subtexts that in many scary ways ... kind of mirror what we're seeing now [in real life]. No matter who we are, no matter what your lot in life is, you're being reminded of things you can relate to. Obviously maybe not because you've been lit on fire by dragons."


"It's the fact that the show connects people and brings them together. And in this climate that we're in with the news and with the political climate, it's nice to have a safe subject to talk about and to joke about, especially on a Monday morning when you're getting yourself back into the groove of things. It may be hard to find a show that can do that the same way that Game of Thrones did. But we'll have to wait and see."

On which kingdom in Westeros most closely resembles Southern California:

Van Ness:

 "If 'Game of Thrones' the show represented Dorne the way I imagine Dorne in the books, then I would say Dorne. Cuz [it's] kind of warm; kind of Barcelona weather;  it's kind of sandy. The people are really suave; they're really concerned about physical fitness ... So I'd say Dorne would be my answer." 


"I have to say it's King's Landing. It's this big, packed, crowded city. It's sort of the place to be in Westeros, it's where the Iron Throne is, which kind of reminds a little bit of Hollywood-ish. And also it has a port. [Like the] port of L.A., port of Long Beach?"

Answers have been edited for clarity. To hear the full conversation, click the blue player above.