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K2 Sports Roundup: The fate of the Dodgers and the inspiring story of the blind football player

USC's Jake Olson
USC's Jake Olson

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Not too long ago Dodgers fans were in a frenzy because the team was on an incredible run, with even Sports Illustrated declaring that the Dodgers might be the greatest team of all time.

But recently many have started to panic. In the past few weeks the team has lost nine of its last ten games. And while all teams go through rough patches, the playoffs are right around the corner and they're losing to teams they'll probably have to beat to get to the World Series.

So, is this just a bump on the road to glory or a sign that an iceberg has hit baseball's Team Titanic? We also talk about the incredible story of USC football player Jake Olson.  Olson, who plays as a long snapper,  lost sight in one eye when he was just a baby, and then his other eye when he was 12 years old due to a rare retinal cancer disease.

But this past weekend he realized a lifelong dream when he entered a game against Western Michigan and snapped for a successful extra point. 


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