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Cannabis lounges, neon signs and other millennial wedding trends

Jumpsuits are one of the major bridal trends among millennials, according to
Jumpsuits are one of the major bridal trends among millennials, according to
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If you're going to a wedding this weekend, you aren't alone. October 7 is the most popular day of 2017 for saying "I do." The second most popular day? It's the following weekend.

Yes. October is the new June when it comes to weddings. But that isn't all that's changing when it comes to millennials getting hitched. According to Stephanie Cain, real weddings editor for, following are the top five SoCal wedding trends:

Bridal jumpsuits

Women are not feeling they have to wear a dress. There’s some cool jumpsuits on the runway. High fashion designers are making fully beaded ones. And some are lacy and fun, so if you were doing a city hall wedding or doing something more offbeat or low key they could wear jumpsuits to the actual wedding or to other parties or change into it for the reception.

Co-ed wedding parties

One of the big ones we’re seeing everywhere but a lot with California couples is bridesmen and groomsmaids — this idea of having a co-ed wedding party. Brides will have man of honor instead of maid of honor. Groomsmen are having best lady, best woman, best gal. I think it’s really reflective of our culture of being less gender stereotyped. 

Cannabis lounges

Cannabis is showing up at weddings in fun ways. Couples are hiring a bud tender to come in and have signature strains of cannabis for guests to partake at weddings. Also THC cocktails. It’s a cool thing to note in California because it’s more accepted there where laws are more relaxed. People are creating cannabis lounges, so in a separate area sort of like a cigar lounge.

Neon signs

Neon signs have been trendy for home and office decor but not necessarily at weddings. Couples are getting a neon sign of a hashtag and it becomes an art piece in their home after the fact. We had a cool wedding in So Cal. They were lighting artists, and they did an entire neon light installation all over ceiling and all over the reception space.

Insta videography

Videographers are making 30-second video trailers that are quick turnaround for the couple to post to Instagram or Facebook. Thirty seconds is a really good amount of time for social media platforms. 

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