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Conservative Latino says Trump's Dreamer plan doesn't reflect the President

by KPCC staff | Take Two®

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President Donald Trump joined GOP Sens. David Perdue of Georgia and Tom Cotton of Arkansas on Wednesday, Aug. 2, to announce legislation placing new limits on legal immigration. Screenshot from White House video

The Trump administration this week laid out what it wants from any deal to help Dreamers.In exchange for developing a system that protects them, the White House is demanding more immigration agents, a wall on the Southern border and more.

But not all of the President's backers want those things, including Alfonso Aguilar, president of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles.

You tweeted that this plan doesn't really reflect President Trump's views. Why?

I don't think the President is saying that this is an all-or-nothing thing where to pass a Dream act-type legislation, you have to include all these proposals.

I think this is just a wish list to begin negotiations.

If these ideas don't represent the President, though, then whose views do they represent?

I think we all know that his senior advisor on immigration policy, it's Stephen Miller. ... He's a restrictionist, not very supportive of immigration.

So I think this reflects Stephen Miller's thinking. I don't think the President was really involved in crafting these proposals.

Now I think he agrees with many of them, but I think the President is really open to negotiating. I think the President wants a legislative victory.

What on the President's list of demands should go?

Discussing right now the immigrant visa categories, that's way too much.

While I think it's a reasonable debate to have – to move our immigrant visa system to a more merit-based, skill-based system – I don't think we should do it right now. 

Hear more about what Aguilar thinks should be on or off the table for Dreamer legislation. Use the blue audio player above.

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