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KCET's 'Lost LA' aims to give Southern Californians a greater sense of place

Nathan Masters with Take Two's A Martinez.
Nathan Masters with Take Two's A Martinez.

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Los Angeles has a lot of history, but not all of it is easy to find in a book or online. "Lost LA," from KCET, is a show that explores answers to questions like, "What led to the Grizzly Bear's demise in Southern California?" or "What's the significance of the land that Dodgers Stadium now occupies?" The second season of "Lost LA" debuts tonight. It's hosted by Nathan Masters, who joined Take Two host A Martinez to talk about the show.

"California history is often told at the end of this triumphant march westward across the continent," Masters said. He and his team have worked to have the history lessons of this show go beyond the stories of Manifest Destiny.

"California is politically part of the United States, but culturally, we're part of the community of nations known as the Pacific Rim. We're part of Latin America. Those relationships have deep, historic roots."

Masters believes that "Lost LA" is touching on things the Southern California region cares about. He attributes the interest to LA's rapid expansion.

"LA, Southern California, we're built out. We're built up to the natural limits of our metropolis," Masters said. "That's giving us a need for a deeper sense of place. And really one of the best ways, I feel, to understand a place is to understand its history. That's the point we try to drive across in season two." 

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