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These crazy new PSAs want you to be a better Metro rider

by Leo Duran | Take Two®

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A still from a new PSA by LA's Metro aimed at making riders more polite like super hero Super Kind LA Metro

Watch all the videos down below.

Think you're a polite person if you ride a Metro bus or train?

But if you do things like eat, you might actually be a Rude Dude.

This week, Metro debuted a series of Japanime-inspired videos aimed at teaching people what's bad behavior on mass transit.

So don't be like the monster Rude Dude. He snacks on trains, hogs seats on buses and blocks aisles everywhere.

Be more like Super Kind, the magical hero who teach him how to be a better passenger by breaking out into catchy J-pop jingles.

The main message: make trains and buses a more pleasant experience for you and everyone else.

What bad behavior have you seen on Metro? Tell us in the comments, and propose a rule that people should follow.




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