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Will Sacramento changed following sexual harassment allegations leveled at capitol?

A view of the California State Capitol in Sacramento.
A view of the California State Capitol in Sacramento.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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In Sacramento, more women have come forward to say they've been sexually harassed or intimidated while working in or around the state capitol.

The allegations surfaced more than a week ago with an online letter that launched the public awareness campaign, "We Said Enough." This action followed multiple reports by women in Hollywood who accused producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct.

Now, the State Senate, led by President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon, has hired two outside firms to investigate the claims made by female staffers, lobbyists and lawmakers in Sacramento and also to examine the senate's process for handling reports of workplace harassment.

Laurel Rosenhall has been following the story for Cal Matters, an online site reporting on politics and policy in California, and asking what changes might come - and how it will happen. 

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