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Tuesday Reviewsday, Mexican Institute of Sound and Luis Coronel

Recording artist Luis Coronel
Recording artist Luis Coronel

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If you don't have the time to keep up with the latest in new music, we've got the perfect solution for you: Tuesday Reviewsday. Every week our music experts come in to talk about the best new tunes in one short segment. This week music journalist Justino Aguila join A Martinez with his top picks. 

Mexican Institute of Sound

Album: Disco Popular

Camilo Lara, the founder of Mexican Institute of Sound (MIS), returns with more vibrant music that’s rooted in an eclectic DJ-style centered around electronica, pop and cumbias. The prolific producer is often working on multiple projects, so it's understandable that it's been a few years since he’s had another official MIS project.

Disco Popular is a welcome musical treat from Lara who also produced Mexrissey, the all-star tribute to Morrissey and The Smiths. Disco Popular is due out in early November, but some tracks are already available such as the whimsical “Mi T-Shirt De La NASA," homage to Lara's favorite T-shirt. 

MIS always has a creative edge wrapped around humor, irony and cool beats.

 Luis Coronel

Album: Ahora Soy Yo (Now I'm Me)

Luis Coronel is one the stars in regional Mexican music, but at 21 he brings a new vibe that's both traditional and modern with new ballads and a very cool collaboration with Puerto Rican rapper Farukko.

Always keeping anchored to his roots, the Tucson-born Coronel divides his time between L.A, Tucson and Miami in addition to a steady touring schedule that takes him to Latin America. 

He fell into music by accident when he posted a song on Facebook and the next day realized it had received thousands of hits. He's also a social media heartthrob as 2 million fans follow him regularly on Instagram alone. This new album showcases his ability to navigate the romantic ballads and equally show his vocal chops.  

Justino Aguila is a music journalist and contributing writer for Billboard magazine.