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Angelenos vent at the pump as a new gas tax kicks in

A gasoline pump rests in the tank of a car in San Anselmo, California.
A gasoline pump rests in the tank of a car in San Anselmo, California.
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Today, a new California tax kicks in, one that adds 12 cents per gallon to help improve the state's infrastructure. This is a topic near and dear to drivers in Los Angeles, a city with some of the highest gas prices in the country. 

Howard Grouse, a customer at a Pasadena Chevron, is cautiously optimistic about the price hike: 

The way I read it is that it's going to be pivotal in increasing the quality of life for the people of Los Angeles. So I feel it's a good idea if that's where the money goes. However, if it doesn't find a place in the appropriate area it's supposed to go to, I think it's a terrible idea! And I'm afraid the latter will occur. 

Caesar Lua, a SUV owner, is more skeptical:

I just simply pass it on to the next person in my business. I can hardly believe it's going to go towards repair roads, it never goes toward the intended purpose. I can't help but think it's going to line some politician's pocket. 

For people with a few more add-ons to their car, the new tax may be music to their ears. Sports car owner John Illsley is glad our roads are getting more attention. 

I'm all for the gas tax if it goes towards the pothole that keeps destroying my rims. 

Take Two checks in with KPCC's own transportation reporter Meghan McCarty Carino on everything you need to know about the gas tax.

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