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Daylight Saving Time: Love it or hate it?

Photo by Bethan Phillips via Flickr Creative Commons

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This Sunday, Daylight Saving Time ends and we’ll be falling back an hour.

The U.S. implemented the practice in 1918, in an effort to conserve energy and make the best use of daylight. But even though it’s been introduced for over 100 years, it’s one of those little things that stir up big feelings in people.

You either love the time change or you hate it. So, we asked our listeners on Twitter how they feel.

While Mike Mike Carpentier of Long Beach is all for it, because...SLEEP.

Carpentier elaborated:

Nobody addresses the time change until we go to work Monday morning...Monday morning comes, I get to sleep in for that one extra glorious hour before I start hitting that snooze button.

Seems like humans aren’t the only ones that have opinions on DST. Twitter user Cranky Cat Lady tweeted:

Well, regardless of how you feel, prepare to have your clocks set back one hour this Sunday, November 5.