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Temporary regulations for legal marijuana now in place

West Hollywood, UNITED STATES:  Marijuana grows under lights at a medical marijuana
West Hollywood, UNITED STATES: Marijuana grows under lights at a medical marijuana "club" in West Hollywood, California, 20 June 2006. The West Hollywood City Council approved late 19 June a resolution that urges the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department to make marijuana-related offenses a "low priority" that deputies should largely ignore. AFP PHOTO /Robyn BECK == WITH AFPLifestyle-US-DRUGS-MARIJUANA == (Photo credit should read ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)
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Starting January 1, California vendors can sell recreational marijuana legally. So, in a dash to put regulations in place before that happens, state agencies announced temporary rules for legal weed on Thursday.

"The guidelines are now in place for 90 days," said Rachel Swan, who's reported on the regulations for the San Francisco Chronicle. "My understanding is they'll be expanded for another 90 days."

The new rules address a number of issues, including how people will be allowed to order cannabis for delivery.

"Delivery services can be licensed, which was a big win for them," Swan said. "But they can only deliver in automobiles. No bicycles, no aircraft, no boat, no drone, no robot car."

There are also rules in place that condemn packaging that appeals to children, as well as the amount of THC that can be in edible marijuana. Only ten milligrams will be allowed in each brownie, for example, and 100 milligrams per package. 

"That's pretty average," Swan said.

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