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How to prepare for 80 mph winds expected in LA this week

Palm trees in the wind.
Palm trees in the wind.
Larry & Teddy Page/Flickr via Creative Commons

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It's going to get pretty windy tonight. The National Weather Service warns there will be gusts of up to 80 miles per hour in LA County.

High winds combined with dry conditions add to fire risk. And then there's the issue of trees and powerlines potentially blowing over.

For more on what we can expect, Emily Montanez with the LA County office of Emergency Services joined Take Two host A Martinez.

Montanez says the areas most at risk for heavy winds include the Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita and the foothill and valley areas. She advises sheltering in place when the winds become severe, and keeping windows closed and doors locked. She recommends reviewing your family's emergency plan and being familiar with the location of gas supply valves, electrical switch boxes and water shut-off valves should utilities go down.