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Did Disney leave 'Olaf's Frozen Adventure' out in the cold because audiences hated it?

Still from
Still from "Olaf's Frozen Adventure" trailer.
Via "Olaf's Frozen Adventure" trailer

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Disney's Coco took the box office once more, but the Frozen animated short playing before it ... well, that's been left out in the cold. Audiences weren't so hot on the 20-minute short, so Disney had to let it go.

And with awards season just around the corner, which films are this year's frontrunners? Hint: There are none yet.

Vanity Fair's Rebecca Keegan spoke with A Martinez about the latest in Hollywood, starting with the freezing out of Olaf's animated short.

"In this case, this film was intended to be a holiday TV special and so it's longer than the short films we're used to seeing before Disney animated films and Pixar films. Not everybody is as enthusiastic about it..."

Then, more Disney news about the studio's talks to buy 20th Century Fox assets and lastly, onto awards season. As of now, there no clear frontrunners. How will that shape the awards ceremonies moving forward?

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