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Football fans from Oklahoma and Georgia descend on Pasadena for the Rose Bowl

The Rose Bowl has a street named for it.
The Rose Bowl has a street named for it.
Sharon McNary/KPCC

The Rose Bowl Game is called the "Granddaddy of them all" in the world of college football. But this year is unusual. Not only will it help determine who advances to the National Championship, neither of the teams are from the West Coast.

It's the Georgia Bulldogs vs. the Oklahoma Sooners.

Fans of both teams are making the trip out west, so we caught up with a few of them to find out what they think of Southern California.

"It's been beautiful," said Oklahoma Sooners fan Chad McKee, who's attending the game for Sooner Sports TV. "It's 19 degrees back in Norman so it's awesome to be 72 and sunny. Just the match up of historic teams that have never played each other...and just seeing those programs on the field together is going to be fantastic."

Some fans haven't arrived just yet. They're still making their way to Pasadena.

"Me and 14 friends are in a van and we're headed out. We left from Atlanta on the 22nd yesterday and we're headed to Pasadena to watch the dogs play Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl," said Jonathan Yarbrough.

He and his friends from the University of Georgia knew they couldn't pass up the opportunity to see their team win a shot at the National Championship. So they're road tripping.

"I started calling my dad ... and he said, 'You're going right?' And I said, 'No.' And he said, 'That's stupid. You should go.' And he said, 'How many times do you have the opportunity to go across the country to see your college football team play?'" 

And to see it at the Rose Bowl, one of the most beautiful and historic venues in sports. Even though they're rooting for different teams, McKee and Yarbrough agree that seeing Monday's game will be special.

"I did not come when Oklahoma was here in 2003. I actually was born in Whittier, California. I've lived in Oklahoma all my life and haven't gotten a chance to come back out here very often, so it's been really cool for me," McKee said.

"The dogs haven't been since 1943, but also it's just a historic college football stadium," Yarbrough said. "It's beautiful, it's in LA. It doesn't get much better than that as a massive college football fan. I'm in the nosebleeds, but I'm still there. I think think they have 77 rows and I'm in route 75. Still I don't care. I know it's going to be worth the trip regardless of the outcome."