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Iranian-Americans in LA split on White House response to protests in Iran

Iranian security stand guard in Tehran, Iran.
Iranian security stand guard in Tehran, Iran.
Ebrahim Noroozi/AP

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There are anti-government protests across Iran this week, and demonstrators have clashed with the security forces.  According to Iranian state media, 21 people have died and and hundreds have been arrested as of January 3.

Economic anxieties like rising food costs, and high youth unemployment are fueling the protests. Take Two talked with Reza Goharzah, political analyst and host at KIRN Radio Iran in Los Angeles. 

Goharzah says this protest is vastly different from protests in the past, especially the political protest in 2009 known as the Green movement. 

"This protest doesn't have a leader, it's a leaderless movement," Goharzah says. More importantly, the goal of the protests are different. "Before, people chant 'where's our vote?' Now people ask 'where's our bread?" 

The Iranian-American community largely support the protesters but are split on how the White House should address the uprising. 

"On one hand, you get the group of people saying the best thing Donald Trump can do is to do nothing. On the other hand, some people want the U.S. to intervene," Goharzah says. 

This weekend, there will be a Iranian American rally in front of the Los Angeles Federal Building.