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California's influence in the 2018 Winter Olympics

California skater Mirai Nagasu
California skater Mirai Nagasu

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This coming Friday, February 9th is the date for the 2018 Winter Olympic opening ceremony. Taking place in Pyeongchang, South Korea - it will feature fan friendly sports like hockey, speed skating, snowboarding and of course ... curling.

But maybe you might not know that Los Angeles has a pretty rich representation of participating in the Winter Games, especially in the 1984 Sarajevo Olympics, when skier, and  San Fernando Valley native, Bill Johnson hit the world stage.

We talk to Andy and Brian Kamenetzky, about  all of the California athletes participating in the Games, and who might bring home the gold.

And tomorrow is the NBA trade deadline, and for the past year or so Lakers fans have been pinching themselves with anticipation because it was believed that the team was going to position itself to eventually land megastar Lebron James, or Paul George ... but according to Brian, that hope might be as good as a punctured basketball. 

Unfortunately what the Lakers are doing is recalibrating based on new information, and that information might be that those guys aren't coming ... Lebron, it appears that LA is a city that's not really high on his radar and Paul George ... he's talked about coming to LA a lot, but the team he's currently playing for, the Oklahoma City Thunder are playing pretty well, and the partnership between George and another LA native, Russel Westbrook has really gotten very good. And so George has spent the last three weeks or so talking about how he likes it in Oklahoma City, and how much he likes playing with Westbrook - and that he's probably going to stay. 

Oh well, there's always next year.