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Got a bad driver's license pic? You might get a retake

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What a "federal non-compliant" California driver's license will look like. Californians may continue applying for these standard driver's licenses, but they won't be able to use them for federal purposes, such as boarding a domestic commercial flight, starting in October 2020.
California DMV

No matter how much you turn, pose, and work a camera, your driver's license photo might be a wreck.

"I went to the DMV to have my photo taken last go-around," says Josh Newman, "and I said to the woman, 'I think I might have blinked.' She looked at me and said, 'You did.' I said, 'Well can I retake that?' And she said, 'Nope!'"

He says his own wife makes fun of his picture.

But Newman is also a state senator from Fullerton, and he wants to give everyone a second shot. 

He proposed a new bill SB 1407 where, for a to-be-determined fee, people could retake their driver's license photo and pick the best one.

Alternatively, someone could have their picture taken elsewhere and bring the best shot to the DMV, similar to getting a passport.

There are enough self-conscious people in the state who'd like his idea, he says, "Especially in the age of Instagram and the selfie."

Newman's bill would direct the money raised towards more drivers' education classes and training in schools.

The proposed bill has to move through some committees before it can be considered by the full state legislature.

Of course even if it passes, there might be some people who just were never made for the camera.