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New music from Sofia Reyes, Espinoza Paz and Gustavo Galindo

Recirding artist Sofia Reyes.
Recirding artist Sofia Reyes.

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Joining us this week for Tuesday Reviewsday is Justino Aguila. He's a Spanish language music journalist and contributing writer for Billboard.

 Sofia Reyes

Single: 1, 2, 3 (feat. Jason Derulo & De La Ghetto)

One year after releasing "Louder!" -- her chart-topping debut album -- Latin Grammy nominee Sofia Reyes is back with the new single “1, 2, 3” featuring R&B/pop singer/songwriter Jason Derulo and Latin urban artist De La Ghetto.

Reyes was born in the northern Mexican city of Monterrey, and her start in music began when she was only 10, when she started singing and playing piano. In her teens, she began uploading videos of herself covering songs, which eventually managed to capture the interest of many, including Latin American singer Prince Royce, who went on to sign Reyes with his then newly created music label D'León Records.

On this single, fans of  Derulo might be surprised to hear him sing in Spanish, but just like Beyoncé on Mi Gente and Justin Bieber on Despacito, singing in Spanish is being seen as a way to reach an even wider audience.

Espinoza Paz

Album: Las Compuse para Ti

Espinoza Paz is back with a full studio album after a brief retirement. The album includes some whimsical, faster-paced music, such as “Será Punto Com” and “Chula.” The majority of the album consists of mariachi ballads written by Paz and melodic tracks, such as “Amor Es Otra Cosa,” which includes piano work and violins. This seems to be Paz’s most experimental album to date and shows his versatility as a singer and songwriter.

Gustavo Galindo

Single: “ Un Paso al Día”

Born in Mexico City to an Irish/Scottish/French mother and Mexican father, the 30-year-old Latin pop rock artist spent his childhood between Mexico, Lake Tahoe and Sacramento.

Growing up, he listened to a diverse soundtrack that included everything from Cat Stevens, Miami Sound Machine, and '90s grunge to José José, Juan Gabriel and Maná. Today, he’s back to his roots in Mexico City, where he’s prepping for a follow-up album, after living in eight different parts of L.A. 

In 2011, Gustavo Galindo’s album "Entre la Ciudad y el Mar" featured a collection of pop ballads that showed his singing and writing ability to be strong and worthy of a double take. Although he’s recorded plenty since then and has been featured on many projects, he’s taken some time in recent years to also focus on other things in life. But music remains a major part of his life and “Un Paso al Día” shows that spark from the early years. Looking forward to seeing more music from Gustavo because he has talent as both a singer/songwriter and has a great stage presence.