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Gee whiz! Where to shop without the biggest toy store there is

Thrift store toys on display.
Thrift store toys on display.
Liza Lagman Sperl/Flickr Creative Commons

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Gee whiz! The biggest toy store there is will be no more. Toys "R" Us and its mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe will be waving bye-bye to kids and parents. After 61 years, the iconic toy store has declared bankruptcy and is going to shut its doors.

Where do you take that carful of kids desperate for new toys now? Yvonne Condes and Sarah Auerswald write the local parenting blog, MomsLA. They shared some suggestions with Take Two's A Martinez. 

Independent toy shops 

Without Toys "R" Us, you may have to search a little harder for that unique, independently owned toy store, but the reward is worth the search when your kids feast their eyes on these local gems: 

They have anything you could ever want. They have a baby area, an early years area, a toy shop, and an area for outdoor toys or sporting equipment… You can get everything there.

MomsLA lists their top indie toy store picks here

Affordable options

The Southland offers more affordable options as well. Toy resale stores are a great place to shop at a reduced price. 

They’ve got amazing quality stuff, clothes too. What’s great is that sometimes your kids get sick of toys or they aren’t going to use them for very long, so they’re still really new. But they’re new to your kids.

Interested in learning more about consignment shop options? Click here

And let's not forget, the Los Angeles institution of the entire toy district in DTLA. 

The downtown toy district has a lot of different options especially if you’re having a birthday party where you give a goodie to all the kids. That’s a great place to go get that, little things to put in gift bags, and also to get toys.

Kids books

Whether it's a new release you're hunting or a classic from your own childhood you'd like to share with a little one, a literary purchase can pay off for years to come. And some bookshops have impressive children's sections.  

They have a ton of story times and they have every book you could ever imagine for a kid.  

For a list of bookstores offering story-time events, click here

Online shopping

Stores like Amazon, Target, and eBay remain favorites especially for buying in bulk. But online rental companies allow your kids to build new Lego sets, send them back when they're done, and get a new one in the mail. 

You can rent these Lego sets and apparently they’ve even penciled in a minor loss. So you don’t have to worry, if you lose that one little rectangle.

Baby products

The loss of Babies "R" Us has some new parents wondering where they can scope out a new stroller in person. If you're expecting, there are spots that offer more than just products for sale.  

One of the greatest places to go in L.A. to find not only baby gear but advice.  If you’re a new mom and need to know which wrap is the best wrap to put my baby in... they can help you with that.