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Boring Company plans to give free rides in a few months

Elon Musk posted the first tunnel by his Boring Company
Elon Musk posted the first tunnel by his Boring Company

L.A. traffic being the worst in the world -- literally, according to INRIX -- there's been a lot of talk about how to escape it, either by flying above it with air-bound Ubers or burrowing below it with a tunnel. Both ideas got some traction this week.

Following Uber's announcement on Tuesday that it would bring flying taxis to L.A. by 2023, Elon Musk declared on Twitter Thursday night: "First Boring Company tunnel under LA almost done!" 

And it could be giving "free rides to the public in a few months," Musk said.

Musk also posted a video on Instagram that gives a preview of what it will be like to travel through the underground tube.

The tunnel is pending final regulatory approval, but the LA City Council has already approved an environmental review exemption for the project.

The Boring Company tunnel is expected to be 2.7 miles long and run through West L.A., parallel to Sepulveda Boulevard from Pico to Washington Boulevards in Culver City. It will be 30 to 70 feet underground.

The company said the tunnel's entrance will be in what is presently a lumber yard.

Details about how the public will experience these tunnel rides have yet to be revealed, but the way the tunnel is supposed to work is sort of like an elevator. A car steers onto a platform on the street, which lowers into the tunnel and shuttles it through.

But you wouldn't have to have a car to use it. Bicyclists and pedestrians would also have access through a pod that can carry as many as 16 people.
It's pretty fast progress for Musk, who is notoriously late with meeting his own deadlines. Musk first proposed burrowing under the city in a tweet he sent out just 18 months ago.