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It’s the final chapter for another indie bookstore

Burbank's Book Castle Movie World is closing its doors for the last time on Monday after 51 years as a local institution.
Burbank's Book Castle Movie World is closing its doors for the last time on Monday after 51 years as a local institution.
Dima Otvertchenko

For 51 years, Book Castle Movie World has been a neighborhood institution for SoCal locals craving an eclectic independent bookstore. Monday, the Burbank shop closes its doors for good.

The shop is a bit of a diamond in the rough. It's a little musty but full of unique finds for those willing to take a little time and hunt through the shelves. Book Castle was always crammed full of not just books but also comics, magazines, movie posters and stills.

Unlike other sellers catering to collectors, the store's owner, Stephen Edrington, wasn't just interested in mint-condition rare books. Those are few and far between, so Edrington chose to keep his shelves jam-packed.

"My ratio was always about 100 books to sell one so we had a gigantic stock. There was always plenty of stuff to buy, plenty of stuff to sell," he said.

Edrington ended up running the shop somewhat by accident. He lent some friends money to start their own bookstores before leaving to serve in the military. When he got home, he expected his friends to pay him back, and they did, but not in cash.

"When I came back in 1966, they said, 'We've spent your money. We don't have it, but we have all this material that had surplussed their requirements. Also, we rented you a store on Hollywood Boulevard and Wilcox,' and here I am 51 years later," Edrington explained.

He later moved the store to Burbank. Over the years, he's seen that neighborhood change and develop while his store kept its old-school style.

"Burbank has changed, and it's still changing. The old store here is gonna be another restaurant for Burbank. In fact, when we moved up here there was hardly anyplace to eat. I often wondered where people did eat up in North Burbank," he said.

Edrington was a comic book collector before he started the store, but his favorite things to sell were the back-issue magazines.

"We carried them back mainly to the start of the last century. Lifetime, Newsweek, Colliers -- all the popular magazines, the women's magazines and of course comic books, pulp magazines which were the old science fiction and adventure stories," he said.

As Book Castle Movie World's days come to an end, Edrington said he just wants to thank his customers for helping him keep the place open for 51 years. But perhaps SoCal should be thanking him for giving Los Angeles such a unique shopping experience.