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LA Metro shows LGBT Pride with limited edition TAP cards. Here's where to get one

Limited edition Pride TAP cards will be available at specific times and locations surrounding LGBT celebrations throughout the summer.
Limited edition Pride TAP cards will be available at specific times and locations surrounding LGBT celebrations throughout the summer.
Courtesy of Los Angeles Country Metropolitan Transit Authority

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The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (Metro) has released the first set of this year's LGBT Pride-themed TAP cards, and they are expected to sell out fast. 

The first batch became available on May 16 in anticipation of Long Beach's annual Pride Festival. 

Metro began putting out special Pride TAP cards in smaller batches over the last few years, and they were a smash hit. So by popular demand, Metro created a new design for this year, expanded the locations the cards are stocked, and bumped up their production from 10,000 to 100,000 TAP cards. (You can check out last year's design here.)

Don't let that large supply fool you. That 100,000 is to cover multiple releases in conjunction with local pride events throughout summer. So when this limited release sells out, they're gone for good. The collectors are first in line. And they are not messing around. 

The Pride TAP card is part of a larger outreach to LA's LGBT community.

"We also have ads on the sides of buses and railcars so we are continuing that same design throughout the system, and we want to continue that look through L.A. County," said Devon Deming, Director of Metro Commute Services. "The LGBT community is a very important part of the fabric of Los Angeles. Metro is a very important part of Los Angeles, and we want to connect these two. And the cards signify that everyone is welcome on Metro."

Here's where you can get a Pride TAP card right now (while supplies last):

Metro Blue Line Stops


The Pride TAP cards will be available in the greater L.A. area beginning June 2 — just in time for West Hollywood Pride. Here's where:

After that, there will be another release for the DTLA Pride event in August. The cards will be available at the stations below starting Wednesday, Aug. 22:

Metro said that while very popular, limited edition TAP cards don't really generate a boost in revenue. But the buzz and community connection they generate are well worth the efforts.

"We really want Metro to be a recognized brand in Los Angeles," said Deming. "We're trying to raise awareness and hopefully increase ridership."

Metro has churned out more commemorative TAP cards of late, so keep a look out for the next special release to add to your collection. With the Pride edition's popularity, an annual appearance of a Pride-themed design is likely in the cards for Metro. According to Deming, "We hope to have a new design every year."