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The rules for SoCal granny flats, meet another candidate for State Superintendent, LA City Center Baseball Championships

An empty lectern for gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom made clear what the organizers of the Asian Pacific Islander debate on Friday in Pasadena thought of his absence.
An empty lectern for gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom made clear what the organizers of the Asian Pacific Islander debate on Friday in Pasadena thought of his absence.
Mary Plummer/KPCC

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In the final week before California's Primary election, Take Two gets the latest details on what voters should know from KPCC's political reporter Mary Plummer. All week long we're speaking with each of the four candidates running for California State Superintendent, next up: Steve Ireland. And we also chat with KPCC's early education reporter, Priska Neely, about what the state's gubernatorial candidates are promising in terms of funding.

Water rate increases

(Starts at 0:48)

What's happening to our price of water? A new report out this morning looks at water rate increases around the country, and yes, L.A. is paying more — along with other major cities in California. This information comes to us from Circle of Blue, a non-profit news agency based in Michigan. It tracks the affordability and accessibility of fresh water around the world. 


Human Voter Guide

(Starts at 7:09)

With election day less than a week away, KPCC's Mary Plummer helps demystify the voting process with a weekly segment that we like to call, "The Human Voter Guide." This week: Much ado about measures. There are five statewide measures showing up on ballots Tuesday. You can find more about them here


The rules about granny flats

(Starts at 14:22)

With housing affordability at a crisis point, a lot of SoCal homeowners are considering something that wasn't even legal until last year: granny flats or, as they're formally known, Accessory Dwelling Units. It was Governor Jerry Brown who legalized these sorts of garage conversions, but he left the door open for cities and counties to set specific rules. The L.A. County Board of Supervisors approved their last week. And the city of L.A. is preparing to do the same. We've got the details.


LA City Center Baseball Championships turn 50

(Starts at 19:22)

It's been 50 years since the L.A. City division baseball championships have been played at Dodger Stadium. We look back at the tradition and how it's evolved over the years.


Meet Steve Ireland, another candidate for California State Superintendent

(Starts at 28:55)

Voters have a lot of decisions to make in next Tuesday's Primary election. Among them is selecting a new California Superintendent of Public Instruction. Four people are running, and over the course of this week, we've been introducing you to each one of them. On Wednesday, we hear from Steven Ireland who is running as the parent-candidate.


The race for California Governor and how it could impact early childhood education

(Starts at 38:31)

Funding for early childhood care and education still looms below pre-recession rates. Advocates for early childhood have been working far ahead of the election to make sure that young children are on the radar of every gubernatorial candidate. We look at what candidates are promising. You can find more information here.


Need help figuring out why your baby is crying? There's an app for that

(Starts at 45:39)

Any parent knows babies can be confusing. They start crying and it isn't easy to tell exactly why. Well, UCLA Professor Ariana Anderson is trying to help with a new app called Chatter baby. Professor Anderson says the app can analyze a baby's cries and figure out if the cause is hunger, fussiness or pain.