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LA releases new data on homelessness, a primer on slate mailers, a visit to the Donas doughnut shop in Downey

The Bidi Bom donut at Donas.
The Bidi Bom donut at Donas.
KPCC/Lori Galarreta

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As we head into the final days before Tuesday's Primary election, we get the latest developments in the race. Plus, we do a deep dive into L.A's new homelessness figures, released Thursday. And, on National Doughnut Day, we visit Donas in Downey, where the doughnuts have Mexican flair.

State of Affairs: Primary election primer

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With the primary election just days away, Republicans have hit third-party status in California. They're outnumbered now by independent voters. Are we really seeing hordes of people moving away from political parties or could this have something to do with the state's automatic voter registration? Heading into next Tuesday's Primary election, we also take stock of the most contentious races for California Governor and U.S. Congress.


LA's new homeless numbers reveal good and bad news

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Officials representing the L.A. area released their annual homeless figures Thursday, and the results are mixed. While the overall number of homeless are down, the number of new homeless is up. And where they are located around the city is shifting. Some places, like the west side, are experiencing declines, while others are seeing more homelessness.


What's a slate mailer and what does it do?

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You've probably gotten a whole bunch of them leading up to the June 5th primary, but they aren't always what they seem. Take the one our producer received this week, called "the Latino Family Voter Guide." The mailer shows the smiling faces of 14 candidates running for different offices, including - most prominently - gubernatorial candidate John Chiang, Insurance Commissioner hopeful Ricardo Lara and Attorney General hopeful Dave Jones. How do candidates wind up on all these mailers supported by different groups?


A sampling of slate mailers voters receive.
A sampling of slate mailers voters receive.
KPCC/Lori Galarreta

Meet the candidates for State Superintendent, last up: Tony Thurmond

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The June primary is just around the corner… and voters have a lot of choices ahead of them, like selecting a new California Superintendent of Public Instruction. The Los Angeles Unified School District just hired a new superintendent, but we wanted to find out what the state superintendent does. And how those who are running for the seat plan to improve schools and their academic performance. Ahead of the California Primary election on June 5th, we're sitting down with all four candidates running for state superintendent. Tony Thurmond is one of them.


Now you can Bidi Bidi Nom Nom on Selena inspired doughnuts

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It's National Doughnut Day! But donut worry, we will not glaze over this very important holiday. To celebrate, we took a little trip over to Downey. To the corner of Imperial and Berlin avenue, to a small pink donut shop called Donas. Just over a month ago, Donas was making about 400 donuts a day...but after a Facebook video highlighting its pastries went viral...they were serving lines out the door and making up to 1000 donuts daily. We checked out the secret to their success.


If you're looking for something to do this weekend...

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