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Heatwave! Santa Monica scooter regulation, office spaces exclusively for cannabis

File: A pedestrian uses an umbrella on a hot sunny morning in Los Angeles October 24, 2017 amid a late season heatwave hitting southern California.
File: A pedestrian uses an umbrella on a hot sunny morning in Los Angeles October 24, 2017 amid a late season heatwave hitting southern California.

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LA Heatwave

(Starts at 1:36)

Temperatures will creep into the triple digits in some areas and that could lead to health risks and force Angelenos to stay indoors. We hear about the precautions we can take to stay healthy in the heat. You can find a list of cooling centers here


The latest on the Silverlake stand-off

(Starts at 7:28)

A police stand-off at the local Trader Joes in Silverlake resulted in the death of the assistant store manager. In a press conference this morning, LAPD stated that her death was the result of police fire.


Update on the Ferguson Fire

(Starts at 20:28)

The Ferguson Fire is currently 25 percent contained. What some are calling it the "Yosemite Fire" is on the southwest border of Yosemite National Park. The fire has burned over 57 square miles but it IS showing signs of containment.


Tree die off

(Starts at 24:50)

 The Ferguson Wildfire is raging at 52 square miles on the southwest border of Yosemite National Park, making it the largest active fire in the state. But the fire poses an even greater threat to the area. This is due to a massive tree die-off in the hillsides of the Merced River. We hear about the dangers of the die-off and how the situation is being monitored. 


Santa Monica scooters

(Starts at 29:10)

Rentable electric scooters have quickly spread across the streets and sidewalks of Southern California. People can hop on one that they find on the street, ride it, and leave it near their final destination for the next renter. One of the first in Southern California try and regulate these scooters was Santa Monica. Last weekend Santa Monica police started an education and enforcement campaign along the beach path. We check in with how it's going so far.


Cannabis Workspace 

(Starts at 33:31)

 As Los Angeles adapts to legal marijuana, office buildings exclusively for businesses within the cannabis industry are popping up. Shared workspaces with a hip campus atmosphere like WeWork aren't new, but zoning regulations and the demand for start-up office space is making for a unique addition to doing business in Los Angeles.


Tuesday Reviewsday

(Starts at 39:33)

Jazz and emo soul take center stage in this week's Tuesday Reviewsday. Music supervisor Morgan Rhodes takes A Martinez on a musical journey that includes stops at artists The Internet, The New Respects, and Anjimile. Looking for something cool on this hot summer day? Look no further than "Before the Sun Goes Down" by the New Respects.