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Meet SpaceX astronaut Victor J. Glover, LAPD's new street-racing enforcement team, LA sues US Department of Justice

Left to right, NASA astronauts Bob Behnken, Doug Hurley, Mike Hopkins and Victor Glover will fly in the Crew Dragon for SpaceX.
Left to right, NASA astronauts Bob Behnken, Doug Hurley, Mike Hopkins and Victor Glover will fly in the Crew Dragon for SpaceX.
Emily Henderson/ KPCC

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Pomona native Victor J. Glover has been a NASA astronaut since 2013, but his first flight to space will be on board an upcoming launch of the SpaceX Crew Dragon. And we speak with an LAPD officer working on the Valley Division's new anti-street racing enforcement team.

Los Angeles sues the U.S. Department of Justice 

(Starts at 1:38)

The city's lawsuit claims it is unlawful for the federal government to demand immigration enforcement in exchange for anti-gang funding. City Attorney Mike Feuer said Wednesday that the Trump Administration is holding public safety funding hostage.


Duncan Hunter arraignment

(Starts at 8:48)

Congressman Duncan Hunter — a republican from San Diego — is in hot water this week. A 47-page indictment alleges that Hunter and his wife illegally spent more than 250-thousand campaign dollars… to buy personal items ranging from vacations to video games. Hunter will be arraigned later this morning. The congressman has responded to the indictment calling it a witch hunt and saying that his constituents can see that the investigation is politically motivated. But can they?


Mindfulness training for cancer patients

(Starts at 15:30)

For many people, the word cancer evokes fear. For people who've had the diagnosis, a clean bill of health doesn't mean everything is back to the way it was. There can be anxiety and depression. KPCC's Michelle Faust reports on how meditation could offer some relief.

LAPD Valley Division launches special enforcement team to combat street racing

(Starts at 21:08)

Street racing has been a problem in the San Fernando Valley for years. That's why in 2014 the Los Angeles Police Department's Valley division launched an anti-street racing task force. It was active for a little over a year and then disbanded due to a decline in street racing incidents. But now, the task force is back as a Special Enforcement Team. Its mission is to put a dent in the rising rate of injuries and deaths caused by street racing events and gatherings.


Testing General Motors' new drowsy driving suit

(Starts at 26:30)

When it comes to traffic crashes, drunk and distracted driving get most of the attention. But there's another major menace that's beginning to get a lot more notice: driving while drowsy. The American Automobile Association estimates that one in five traffic fatalities involves a driver who's feeling sleepy.

One of the new SpaceX astronauts is from Pomona

(Starts at 33:00)

Earlier this month, NASA announced it will work with two private companies—Boeing and SpaceX — to send U.S. astronauts to the International Space Station. Nine Americans will suit up and lift off as part of the program. One of them is Victor J. Glover. The Pomona native will take his first ever trip to space on board the SpaceX Crew Dragon launched atop a Falcon 9 rocket.


No more tax breaks for Disneyland

(Starts at 42:57)

For years, the Walt Disney Company has received tax breaks from the city of Anaheim in exchange for making investments in its parks, like its upcoming Star Wars Land. Disney is one of the largest employers in Anaheim and the tax incentives it receives are meant to create economic growth for the city. Now Disney has sent the city a letter asking for those tax breaks to stop.