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Sea levels on the rise, LA jobs growth, homeless housing in Van Nuys

A view of beach front homes along the coast of Hermosa Beach, a community in the South Bay that is preparing for sea level rise.
A view of beach front homes along the coast of Hermosa Beach, a community in the South Bay that is preparing for sea level rise.
Dorian Merina / KPCC

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We speak with a pair of officials in SoCal cities that will be affected by sea level rise. Plus, what the latest job growth figures say about Los Angeles. And, why a homeless housing project in Van Nuys got in trouble.

This bill could change the state's approach to wildfires

A group of bipartisan of lawmakers worked late Tuesday to come up with a proposal...including a billion-dollar plan to clear fire-prone areas. But not everybody's happy with it.


The rise of sea levels

The recent state climate change report highlighted what a serious issue sea level rise will be for the future of Southern California, but this isn’t a new problem. Local cities are already exploring solutions to mitigate and adapt to the changes happening on the coastline.


Los Angeles Jobs Growth

Of the nation's top 12 metropolitan areas, Los Angeles ranks last in job growth. That's according to new data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. L.A.'s weak 1.1 percent increase in job growth stands in stark contrast to other parts of the state -- including Fresno, Stockton, San Jose and, closer to home, Riverside, all of which are doing better than the national average.


Homeless housing in Van Nuys

More than 52,000 homeless people live in L.A. County and the rush is on to help them find roofs. But a troubling thing happened in Van Nuys recently after an organization tried to help. It set up homeless housing in a place with a dorm-like setting, but it turns out the space was never permitted to be a residence.


California Dream: San Francisco Homeless

For many people on the fringe of homelessness, losing their car can be the dividing line between having a functional life or living on the street. In San Francisco, there’s a push by homeless advocates to end impounding. But municipalities are reluctant to give up such a big stick, especially in the tight-parking environment of San Francisco. 

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USC and UCLA's prospective football seasons

Both USC and UCLA kick off the season this weekend. For USC, a new quarterback straight out of high school has fans excited while UCLA’s boosters are waiting to see what new coach Chip Kelly will bring to the team.


Earthquake reminder 

Did you feel Tuesday night's 4.4 magnitude earthquake which struck near La Verne? Most of SoCal did. Well, it's been awhile since we've felt the earth move beneath our feet, so we wanted to give listeners a quick reminder of what to do when an earthquake hits.

In a big warehouse store like Costco or Home Depot?

If you're in the aisles, take cover inside the bottom level of the racks. 

In bed?

Stay in bed, pull the covers over your head to protect you from glass, and put a pillow over your bed to protect you from falling objects. Don't get out of bed or get under your bed. If you're next to your bed or under it, you're at risk of getting crushed by your bed.

In a car?

If you're driving, you'll feel like your tires are going flat and you'll start to see things sway. Pull over to the side of the road, set your parking brake, lay down on the front seat. Avoid parking under overpasses or bridges, but don't go looking for the perfect place to stop. 


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