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CA's maternal health legislation, 9th Circuit Court ruling on homeless, 88 Cities visits Agoura Hills

Agoura Hills on a map, located on the western edges of L.A. County.
Agoura Hills on a map, located on the western edges of L.A. County.
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We look at what bills Governor Jerry Brown may or may not sign concerning maternal health. Plus, what the 9th Circuit Court ruling means for L.A.'s homeless. And 88 Cities visits Agoura Hills.

Voter registration errors at the DMV

(Starts at 1:59)

When California's so-called motor voter program was rolled out a couple years ago, it was meant to make things easier for the public. The program lets people get a driver's license and register to vote at the same time. But earlier this month, some major errors were discovered with the system. 23,000 incorrect voter registrations were sent to state election officials because of human error.


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What the 9th Circuit ruling on homelessness policy means here

(Starts at 9:13)

Earlier this week, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against a homelessness policy and it could have major effects in Southern California. At issue was a practice in Boise, Idaho, where the city prosecuted people who were sleeping on the streets. However, the justices said that there weren't enough shelters in the city and if there wasn't enough access to beds then homeless people shouldn't be punished. 


California considers new legislation on maternal health

(Starts at 16:57)

The legislature has passed has a package of bills on his desk all aimed at improving the process of screening and treating women for postpartum depression and other maternal mental health issues. Governor Brown has already signed one and the other two are waiting on his desk. There’s also news about maternal health legislation at the federal level.


88 Cities: Agoura Hills

(Starts at 29:12)

88 Cities is not just the number of cities in L.A. County but the name of our new series here at KPCC. We'll be visiting every single one of them to tell you about what makes them special. This week we revisit our trip to Agoura Hills.

Adobe Reyes Historial Site  on Jan. 29, 2018 in Agoura Hills.
Adobe Reyes Historial Site on Jan. 29, 2018 in Agoura Hills.
James Bernal for KPCC

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Honda pilots new Smart Charge program for Fit EVs

(Starts at 39:50)

Honda has partnered with Southern California Edison to charge electric vehicles when it's most efficient for the grid, helping EV drivers save money. So Cal Edison is anticipating a 20-fold increase in the number of EVs on California roads by 2030, which marks a sea change from fueling at gas stations to fueling from the power grid.