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Paint makers have to pay for lead cleanup, a chat with Kevin de Leon, faith and foster care in L.A.

Senate candidates Kevin de Léon and Dianne Feinstein.
Senate candidates Kevin de Léon and Dianne Feinstein.
Susanica Tam for KPCC; Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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It's been debated for years, but the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that paint companies need to clean up the mess from its lead paints. Plus, as California Senator Kevin de Leon meets with U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, we chat with de Leon about his plans if he's successful in his play for U.S. Congress. And, the L.A. County foster care system is tapping the faith community for help.

Lead Paint Cleanup

There's a U.S. Supreme Court story about something we live with every day: Paint. Appeals by the paint company Sherwin-Williams and ConAgra Grocery Products were rejected by the Supreme Court on Monday. Ten California cities and counties made allegations that the companies' promotion of paint products containing lead created a public nuisance. Now, Sherwin-Williams and ConAgra are on the hook for more than $400 million to clean up the mess in homes built before 1951. So will other businesses be left liable if similar cases are filed?


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de Leon envisions a clean energy future for the whole country as Senator

State senator Kevin de Leon is no stranger to political friction. He's spent 12 years in the legislature authoring or signing onto some of his MOST controversial bills in the age of President Trump, including sanctuary state laws and a clean energy bill. But now, de Leon faces the biggest fight of his career: He's going after the Senate seat of fellow Democrat Dianne Feinstein. By most metrics, de Leon is the underdog. Latest polls show Feinstein leading by 11 points. In this Democrat-versus-Democrat race, it can be hard to draw a contrast between the two candidates. State Senator Kevin de Leon will share a stage with Senator Dianne Feinstein in their first and only public discussion tomorrow afternoon. You can sign up for the live stream here.


State Sentaor de Leon said the biggest difference between he and Senator Feinstein comes down to one word: values.
State Sentaor de Leon said the biggest difference between he and Senator Feinstein comes down to one word: values.
KPCC/Austin Cross

Faith and Foster Care in L.A.

The number of L.A. County foster care homes has dropped by 32 percent in the last decade. But the number of kids in the system needing those homes has gone up. That's according to the Department of Children and Family Services. In response to this discrepancy, DCFS and other county officials have a plan to tap the faith community in L.A. for help. That's the topic of a town hall-style event in Inglewood tonight. The event is hosted by The Chronicle of Social Change – a news site focused on vulnerable youth and families.


You can find more information on the event co-hosted by The Chronicle of Social Change here.

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