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Woolsey fire animal rescues, private firefighters, post-election activism

Isabelle Snyder (left) with her family and two of their donkeys at Pierce College where they sought shelter after the Woolsey fire evacuations.
Isabelle Snyder (left) with her family and two of their donkeys at Pierce College where they sought shelter after the Woolsey fire evacuations.
Emily Henderson/ KPCC

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We visit Pierce College in Woodland Hills to see how animals that were evacuated because of the Woolsey fire are being cared for. Plus, how some homeowners — and insurance companies —hire private firefighters. And, listeners weigh in on how they're staying engaged with their communities one week after the midterm election.

Santa Monica Mountain wildlife

(Starts at 1:14)

The Woolsey fire has burned 86 percent of the National Park lands in the Santa Monica mountains. That's where most of L.A.'s beloved mountain lion population and other wildlife lives. So how are the animals faring?


Animal evacuations

(Starts at 4:53)

One of the main shelters for large animals- horses, donkeys, ponies- evacuated because of the Woolsey fire was Pierce College in Woodland Hills. We visit the evacuation center to hear stories from the animal owners about their experiences getting their critters to safety and the hardworking volunteers and community member who helped them.

Private firefighters

(Starts at 10:16)

During last year's devastating Thomas fire, some homeowners were surprised by visits from private firefighters, spraying their homes with fire-retardant gel. It's unclear exactly how many private fire crews worked the Thomas Fire or how many homes they saved. But insurance companies are making the service more available, experts said.


House Democrats

(Starts at 15:00)

When the new Congress is called to order in January, Democrats will be strutting in with big plans. They now hold the majority in the house party and, for many members, it is their first taste of power. Democrats have been out in the cold -- in the minority -- since 2010. So what will Southern California Democrats be doing with their newfound influence?


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Post-election activism

(Starts at 20:50)

You were engaged and passionate about the midterm election. But now that the results are in, how do you keep that energy going? We talk to KPCC listeners about how they are transforming their election enthusiasm into local activism.

TRD goes soul therapy

(Starts at 24:27)

It's been a rough week, Southern California. Sometimes, the only thing that makes sense is music. This Tuesday Reviewsday, music supervisor Morgan Rhodes shares some smooth tracks to soothe the weary soul. Enjoy cuts from H.E.R.,  THEY, and the legendary John Legend, who reminds us that the season of giving and togetherness will soon be upon us. Here's his duet with Esperanza Spalding: