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Hawthorne's underground tunnel, LAUSD teachers poised to strike, why LA is the influencer capital

Elon Musk posted the first tunnel by his Boring Company
Elon Musk posted the first tunnel by his Boring Company

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Boring Company Tunnel

Tesla and SpaceX owner Elon Musk is expected to unveil Tuesday evening a tunnel in Hawthorne intended to test the tech inventor's designs for a new transit system in Los Angeles.


LAUSD teachers poised to strike

L.A. Unified school teachers are on the brink of a strike that would all but paralyze the nation's second-largest school district.  We are waiting on a big announcement from the teachers’ union, expected around 10 this morning. United Teachers L.A. been locked in a contract dispute with the district for almost two years. Negotiations have fallen short so far and the parents of more than 480-thousand kids are now watching for the teachers' next move. Yesterday, an outside negotiator offered formal recommendations for resolving the dispute and LAUSD superintendent Austin Beutner told the union to take the 6 percent raise it was offered back in October.


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CA Dream: Asylum Part 1

California can be a surprising place for migrants from Central America. It's more expensive than they realized, and not as beautiful as they thought. But being here can give asylum seekers certain advantages, like access to pro bono lawyers and more asylum-friendly lawyers. David Wagner has the story.

Why LA has so many "influencers"

Los Angeles is the hub for a lot of influencers: people who gain a following and sponsorships through social media platforms like Instagram of YouTube. But building up an audience is tougher than it looks. So what is an influencer? And why are there so many in L.A.? Check out the episode here.


George's Burgers

George's Burgers has been around since the 60's and about a month ago it quietly shut down and underwent a revamp. Elina Shatkin and A Martinez went to go check it out and talk about some other LA restaurants that have gotten a reboot.


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Free Lots

Communities will soon be able to turn a select number of vacant L.A. lots into usable space. The city of L.A. has approved a pilot program called Adopt-A-Lot that will allow communities to propose and then put in place plans to transform vacant lots into gathering spaces like gardens, green space or markets. The Free Lots Angeles collective is leading the charge on the pilot.


Tustin Garage Christmas Wonderland

For 35 years, Dominico Masdea has transformed his garage into a Christmas wonderland for the public. And people drive from far and wide to see the display, complete with elves, a flying angel, even a volcano--a nod to his native Italy. KPCC’s Audrey Ngo has an inside look on what makes this Christmas display, a local holiday tradition.