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LA Art Show, Gentrification tensions in El Sereno, Smosh Town burgers

The 5300 block of Templeton Street in El Sereno, where several homes have been the target of anti-gentrification graffiti.
The 5300 block of Templeton Street in El Sereno, where several homes have been the target of anti-gentrification graffiti.
KPCC/ Lori Galarreta

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For the second day in Take Two's new time slot, we travel around Los Angeles, visiting the convention center downtown, where the country's longest-running art show is getting underway this week. We also meet with an El Sereno resident to talk about gentrification fences and the tagging they often inspire. Plus, we visit Gabriel's Auto Repair Shop in Pasadena to sample the Smosh Town burgers that are made there after hours.

School Funding

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When the deal between United Teachers Los Angeles and LAUSD was unveiled yesterday, the union announced that the LA school board has agreed to vote this month on a resolution that calls for the governor and legislature to put a cap on new charter schools. Charter schools have faced scrutiny from members of the teacher’s union on up to Governor Gavin Newsom, who has pledged to push legislation to increase accountability for the state’s 12-hundred charters.


L.A. Art Show

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The L.A. Art Show is underway this week at the convention center downtown. Now in its 24th year, it's the longest-running venue for art in the U.S. and one of the largest art events in the world. We walk the show floor and find out why L.A. is becoming such a big player in the global art scene.


Workers set up installations for the L.A. Art show.
Workers set up installations for the L.A. Art show.
KPCC/ Leo Duran

Gentrification tensions in El Sereno

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There's a spot on the east side of L.A. that's surrounded by green space. To the east lies Ascot Hills park, to the north Elephant Hill and nestled in between is the neighborhood of El Sereno. It may not be all that well known to other Angelenos, but some recent tensions there are making headlines. Since October, people have reported graffiti on their homes —specifically tagging wooden slat fences on recently remodeled homes. It's been described as "anti-gentrification."


OC Homeless Count

( Starts at 17:49 ) 

The annual homeless count is underway in many Southern California counties this week. Yesterday, we heard what was happening on the ground in Los Angeles and in Ventura. Now we turn to Orange County and its "everyone counts" census. KPCC’s Jill Replogle was out on the streets with volunteers early this morning and sits down with A Martinez to give a sense how the count is progressing in the OC.


Income sharing agreements

( Starts at 29:57 ) 

A new bill introduced in the California Assembly aims to give students the option of paying for college by sharing their incomes after graduation. Under the proposal, the University of California and California State University systems would each develop pilot programs for so-called Income Sharing Agreements.


Owens Valley

( Starts at 40:30 )

The history of Owens Valley and Los Angeles has been one of conflict and spanning several decades over water rights in the region. But now, in what looks like a peace-making move, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has agreed to relinquish Owens Valley commercial properties back to the city. The proposal is to sell back the land to the struggling communities along Highway 395 - But is this enough to rectify the original sin the department?


By day an auto repair shop, by night a burger joint

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By day, Gabriel's Automotive in Pasadena does smog checks at its bustling shop along Hill Avenue. But once the power tools have been put away, the grills come out. Tuesdays through Saturdays, from 7 to 10 p.m. (or until the meat runs out), Smosh Town serves up its version of a smash burger.