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Immigration court, Filipino food in Los Angeles, a super bloom is coming

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We check in with KPCC immigration reporter Leslie Berestein Rojas for an update on the country's immigration courts. And we taste test some of the areas's Filipino cuisine. Plus, a super bloom may be in the making.

California Attorney General's response to SOTU

( Starts at 1:27 ) 

After the president’s speech - TWO responses. One in English and one in Spanish. That practice dates back to 2011. Tonight’s Spanish response will be delivered by California’s first Latino Attorney General, Xavier Becerra. The Attorney General is largely seen as one of the leaders of the so-called California resistance. Becerra has taken the Trump administration to court 45 times since he was appointed to the job in 2017. So what can we expect tonight? 


CSUF Dreamers Center

( Starts at 9:55 ) 

DACA recipients have been front-and-center in the negotiations surrounding the president's border security plan.  Those are the individuals protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program which allows undocumented youth – who meet certain requirements  — to remain in the country and obtain a work permit. The Titan Dreamers Resource Center on the Cal State University Fullerton campus specializes in supporting undocumented students - it the first of its kind in the CSU system. The staff and students at the center will be watching the President's address this evening with measured expectations.


Immigration Court

( Starts at 11:55 ) 

The Trump administration has been saying for some time that it wants to reduce immigration court backlogs and speed up deportation cases. But when courts reopened, more cases had to be  continued and government case files stored off-site weren't there, because no one had been around to order them.


Filipino food in LA

( Starts at 22:10 ) 

In Los Angeles, home to the largest number of Filipino immigrants in the United States, Pinoy restaurant roots run deep. No city except Manila has a higher concentration of Filipinos — and the restaurants to match. Filipino cuisine is blowing up. Like Italian, Mexican, Chinese and Thai food before it, its popularity has moved beyond its diaspora to dazzle the mainstream American palate.


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Electric Grid Risk

( Starts at 32:13 ) 

Experts say energy grids are the new front in cyberterrorism. Although the wildfires that periodically dominate the news are a serious threat to California’s power supply, cyber-invaders are an around-the-clock danger, trying to penetrate grid security every minute of every day. Should the grid be hijacked, the entire state could be held hostage, experts say. Can the state prevent what one utility executive likened to a hostile takeover?


Super Bloom 

( Starts at 41:23 ) 

There's an upside to all this rain we've been having. Scientists and nature enthusiasts are buzzing about another possible super bloom. That's an explosion of wildflowers beyond what's typically expected.  California's last super bloom was two years ago -- in the spring of 2017 -- and drew tourists from all over the country. The reason for that super bloom was steady rain showers drenching the desert valleys about 150 percent more than normal, which are similar conditions to what we've experienced so far this year.


Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay and a Mother's Will to Survive

( Starts at 44:03 ) 

Almost 300,000 Angelenos work as maids, childcare workers and home health aides but we rarely hear their stories. Stephanie Land's memoir about being a single mother and working as a maid but still living in poverty is No. 3 on the New York Times bestseller list.