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Green cards, improving bicycle infrastructure in LA, your earthquake questions answered

A sign in a New York City market window advertises that it accepts food stamps.
A sign in a New York City market window advertises that it accepts food stamps.
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We explore how the process of getting a green card could change in the coming months. Plus, we take a bicycle ride through downtown L.A. with the new executive director of the L.A. County Bicycle Coalition to find out what else needs to be done to make the city truly bicycle friendly. And, the host of the KPCC podcast The Big One answers your questions about earthquake preparedness.

New Green Deal

( Starts at 1:18 ) 

The Green New Deal, as presented this morning by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, is getting a LOT of buzz today. It's a policy package before Congress that would reshape the country's energy landscape. Since the release of the revised plan this morning, enthusiasm has been high… even though chances of widespread political support... are low. So how does this proposal stack up to what California is doing already…and what, in the end, might it accomplish?


Two Governors

( Starts at 11:20 ) 

One month ago today, Gavin Newsom succeeded Jerry Brown as California governor. Both are Bay Area Democrats from politically connected families. But in style and substance, Newsom is proving to be a very different governor than Brown — at least, the second Governor Jerry Brown. Capital Public Radio's Ben Adler reports for our California Dream project.

Trade Deal

( Starts at 14:15 ) 

A Martinez does a quick recap on some local sports news.  to a quick round up some sports news. The Lakers were NOT able to acquire Anthony Davis from the New Orleans Pelicans, but went out and got a Clipper - Mike Muscala. This is the first trade between the Lakers and Clippers since they both became LA basketball teams, 35 years now. Also, Hall of Fame baseball player and long-time L.A. resident Frank Robinson passed away today of bone cancer, he was 83.  

Cycling in L.A.

( Starts at 18:38 ) 

Despite efforts to build more bike lanes and create spaces for cyclists, it can still be a challenge – and sometimes dangerous —to ride your bike in a sprawling urban area like L.A. We talk about what more can be done to make cycling in the city more accessible and enjoyable for all.


Pot Holes

( Starts at 23:27 ) 

The rains create all kinds of issues for the city. One of the most annoying is something you already see every single day, driving around Los Angeles. Potholes. They seem to get worse whenever it rains as heavily as it has this past week. We try to understand why that is, and what the city plans to do about it.




Metro GetAround 

( Starts at 28:01 ) 

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced Thursday a partnership with the company Getaround, which connects people who are looking to rent a car with people who are willing to rent their owned vehicle. Call it peer-to-peer car rental. As officials for Metro explain, they hope the service will enable and encourage people to use public transportation more because it will help better connect get people from their homes or offices to trains and busses.

Public Charge

( Starts at 30:46 ) 

In a few months, the process to get a green card could become even more difficult. The Federal Register may publish a ruling that would bar anyone who is on non-cash government assistance like food stamps – or who could use these public charges - from getting a green card or citizenship. There is a lot of confusion around what this really means, and it's causing a chilling effect among immigrant communities who are reliant on Medi-Cal or Medicaid, and many are disenrolling themselves or a family member from healthcare.

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The Big One: your questions answered

( Starts at 40:35 ) 

KPCC’s podcast about preparing for the next big earthquake, The Big One, has elicited a LOT of questions from our listeners.  We aim to answer as many as possible over the next few weeks.