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A closer look at the national emergency declaration, Garbage hauling changes in LA, Ugly KFC building

Venice Beach mural
Venice Beach mural
Photo by meeshypants via Flickr Creative Commons

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We take a closer look at how President Trump's national emergency declaration could play out in California. Plus, L.A. is making changes to its garbage hauling business. And, we pay a visit to an ugly KFC building.

State of Affairs

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The President said he would declare a national emergency but still vote on that border bill, and the Governor of California announced a lot of changes to some of his predecessor’s policies. We take a closer look. It’s State of Affairs, Take Two’s look at the politics of the Golden State.


Supreme court takes on the Census question

( Starts at 15:14 ) 

The Supreme Court agreed Friday to take up the controversial citizenship question proposed for the 2020 census. 



( Starts at 20:33 ) 

Garbage hauling in the city of L.A., specifically commercial garbage collection from businesses, apartments and condos. Back in July 2017, the city rolled out a new program that was designed to make L.A. a cleaner and greener place, but it was plagued by many complaints – missed trash pickups, overcharges, new fees. But today, the city and garbage haulers have agreed to make some changes to head off a costly lawsuit and address those complaints.


Recycling bins.
Recycling bins.
Peter Kaminski / Flickr

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United Skates

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Black culture and roller skating have deep roots in America. But the heart of this cultural tradition is at stake. Roller rinks in the U.S. are being pushed out by city zoning and commercial developers.


That "Ugly" KFC Building

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The bizarre, futuristic KFC in Koreatown has drawn attention since it first came about nearly 30 years ago. But it was just recently named in Atlas Obscura one of 21 ugly buildings that aren't really that ugly. We went to check it out.


KFC on Western and Oakwood in Koreatown.
KFC on Western and Oakwood in Koreatown.
KPCC/Lori Galarreta

Let us know what buildings or structures you're curious about and we'll look into them!

Weekend Preview

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This weekend, Los Angeles is heaven for culture vultures with three major art openings — Frieze Los Angeles, StartUp Art Fair and Superfine! (their exclamation point, not ours) — and retrospectives on Charles White and Annie Leibovitz. For pop culture fans, there's the Long Beach Comic Expo, Mortified's Annual Doomed Valentine's Show, AirTalk's Oscar Preview and a Robyn dance party.


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