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LA Unified board elections, Cal State University remedial classes, RuPaul's Drag Race viewing parties

Four Los Angeles Unified School District board seats are up for election on March 3, 2015, three of them contested.
Four Los Angeles Unified School District board seats are up for election on March 3, 2015, three of them contested.
Roman Königshofer via Flickr Creative Commons

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We take a closeup look at who's running for the Los Angeles Unified School District board. Plus, how struggling students at California State Universities are doing now that remedial classes are no longer offered. And, where to watch RuPaul's Drag Race as the show kicks off its 11th season.

SoCal Housing Market

( Starts at 0:56 ) 

Southern California's real estate market is slowing down. The property data company, CoreLogic, reported yesterday that SoCal home sales in January dropped seventeen percent compared to last year. And price gains for the houses that are being sold have also cooled. So what does the current dip in home sales mean for housing buyers and sellers?


Young Catholics

( Starts at 28:59 )

This past weekend, the Catholic church wrapped up a landmark summit on sex abuse. Their goal: to take concrete steps toward preventing sex abuse in the church. But —with that meeting now over —many parishioners feel like Catholic leaders didn't go far enough and that needed safeguards weren't put in place. Some of the most vocal members have been from the younger generation. They represent the future of the church, so we ask two of them for their take. 


Your Earthquake Questions Answered

( Starts at 21:36 ) 

A big earthquake could hit at any time in Southern California. That's why KPCC created a podcast called The Big One: Your Survival Guide. It launched about a month ago. Turns out, a lot of you have followup questions.


Los Angeles Unified School District Board Member Election

( Starts at 9:17 ) 

What to look for with the upcoming LAUSD election for its board.


Cal State University Remedial Classes

( Starts at 15:45 ) 

Last fall the Cal State Universities made a big change to their class offerings: They got rid of all remedial math and English courses. Instead, freshmen were placed in standard college-level classes and given extra support to help them pass. Now, data from the first term shows that most students who took those classes with that extra help did get a passing grade, and the number of under-prepared students who ended up getting credit-- especially in math-- rose dramatically.


Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

( Starts 39:18 ) 

Disneyland has revealed more details about its highly anticipated Galaxy's Edge Star Wars land. Opening this summer, the 14-acre addition to the Anaheim amusement park has all the stuff a die-hard fan would want the Millennium Falcon, droids and, of course, lightsabers.


RuPaul's Drag Race Viewing Parties

( Starts at 44:39 ) 

Where to watch Drag Race: RuPaul's Drag Race season 11 starts today, but there are many reasons to watch it in public instead of at home.


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