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Felicity Huffman charged in college admissions scheme, local wildflower bloom, LA tour guides

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We look at the latest development with the college admissions cheating scandal, with actress Felicity Huffman and other parents being charged with bribing and cheating to get their children into elite universities. Plus, we look at the effort to create a unified network of tour guides in Los Angles. Plus, the best places to find wildflowers locally.

College Admissions Cheating Scandal

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The U.S. Department of Justice announced today that actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin were among 30 people charged with bribes and cheating to get their children into elite colleges, including Yale, Stanford, the University of Southern California and the University of California Los Angeles.

Sports Corruption

( Starts at 7:27 ) 

Federal authorities have charged dozens for allegedly getting people into elite colleges by fabricating athletic talent. It’s just the latest revelation in a long history of scandals involving college sports departments. So, is there something about the field that contributes to corruption?


Cal Fire Over Time

( Starts at 17:51 ) 

New numbers from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection show its payroll increased by 91 million dollars this year. That's up 12 percent from last year and almost a quarter of it is overtime pay.  How this could affect budgeting for what is expected to become a regularly rough period every year?


L.A. Guides

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L.A. draws more than 50 million visitors each year, yet the city lacks an official network of tour guides under a unified mission. To remedy this, L.A. Guides founder Lynn Garrett is hoping to create a tour guide association to give tourists a quality experience and self regulate disruptive companies that have hurt business in the past.


Little Arabia

( Starts at 30:08 ) 

The corner of Brookhurst Street and Ball Road in Anaheim is the epicenter of Little Arabia. A small community with all kinds of Middle Eastern businesses. But what brought us to visit the area is the food.


Local Wildflower Bloom

( Starts at 41:42 ) 

Much is being made of the wildflowers blooming seemingly everywhere in Southern California after all the rain we've had this year. We look at the best local spots to find them.