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Can LA absorb more immigrants? LA's economy is going gangbusters, another side of Coachella

Los Angeles skyline
Los Angeles skyline
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Sanctuary Cities Legality

President Trump says the US has the right to transfer undocumented immigrants to so-called sanctuary cities.  In a tweet just hours ago, the president said the Department of Homeland Security will move forward with the plan. It's a position that's generating a lot of buzz in California - home to several cities that could potentially receive an influx of immigrants. Despite Trump's tweets, an important question remains — can he REALLY do that?


California Tax Returns

Governor Gavin Newsom made a lot of promises in his first state budget proposal including more than 60 billion dollars for K through 12 education and 500 million for local governments to fund homeless services. But all that spending hinged upon expectations that California would receive almost 20 billion in state tax revenues this month. Now that Tax Day is here, we'll soon see if that expectation is met. So far, California isn't bringing in as much money from state taxes this year as hoped. We look into why that shortfall exists and what it could mean for the state's spending future.


Autonomous Trucks

62 companies are currently testing self-driving cars on public roads in California including BMW, Lyft and Volkswagen. All of them are passenger vehicles operating under state-issued permits that require human safety drivers just in case. Only one company — Waymo — has received a permit for autonomous testing without a human. But under new regulations proposed by the state's Department of Motor Vehicles on Friday, delivery trucks could soon join them. 

The LA Economy

The Big Apple may be home to Wall Street, but the hills of Hollywood are home to the country’s largest economy right now. In the past five years, Los Angeles’ gross domestic product has risen 11.8 percent according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost three times the growth New York experienced in the same time period.


"The Other Americans"

From last month's mosque shootings in New Zealand to the current death threats against U.S. representative Ilhan Omar, violence against Muslims seems to be worsening. While stunning and heart-breaking, it is not surprising to novelist Laila Lalami, who's written about the Muslim American experience in her new novel, The Other Americans. A native of Morocco who now lives in Los Angeles, Lalami was a speaker at yesterday's Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, where her message about immigration continues to resonate. She visited the KPCC studios last month to talk about The Other Americans, so we thought we'd re-run her story.

American Homefront: Transgender Policy

On Friday, the Pentagon implemented a Trump administration policy that greatly restricts transgender people from joining or serving in the military. It still faces several legal challenges but, in the meantime, some service branches are trying to lessen the impact on transgender troops. Carson Frame has the story for the American Homefront Project.

Indian Bishop Charges

A Catholic bishop in India has just been charged with repeatedly raping a nun over a two-year period. The nun, his subordinate, first brought the issue to light after years of unsuccessfully seeking justice within the Church system. Meanwhile, they're in hiding and face threats from the local Catholic community. The situation in India is monumental in the larger #nunstoo movement. This is a significant step in the global movement to bring Catholic Church leaders to justice. KPCC’s Aaron Schrank spoke with nuns and sisters locally who are looking to see what happens in India.

Ocho Ojos

Hordes of concert goers are headed home today from the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival more will be headed there this Friday as weekend two of the fest kicks into gear. Included in the all-star line up for both weekends is a homegrown band from the Eastern Coachella Valley: Ocho Ojos. Locals have known and loved these guys for years so reporter Marisol Medina-Cadena went to see them at an area bar recently while they headlined a live cumbia dance party called 'Baile Trankis.' She filed this story for KQED's California Report.