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Governor Newsom's first 100 days, marijuana and the military, new Dodger Stadium food

Fans at Dodgers Stadium concession stand
Fans at Dodgers Stadium concession stand
Brian Watt / KPCC

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With Governor Gavin Newsom celebrating his 100th day in office today, we look at what he's accomplished. And, the military still prohibits personnel from using marijuana, despite its legality in ten states. Plus, taste testing the new menu items at Dodger Stadium.

Governor Newsom's first 100 Days in Office

What the governor has accomplished during his first 100 days.

Public Banks

The L.A. City Council will consider whether to back Assembly Bill 857, which would would allow cities to open their own public banks. 

Mental Health Homes

One aspect of mental health care in California that sometimes gets overlooked is what's called 'board and care homes.' Last year, L.A. lost more than 200 beds in these facilities that serve low-income people. These homes help people who may not be able to thrive in normal subsidized housing by making sure they take medications, get meals, etc.


Marijuana and the Military

Ten states now have legalized recreational marijuana. But it remains forbidden for people in the military, even if they're living in one of those states. From Colorado Springs, Dan Boyce of the American Homefront project reports on the tensions that can cause.

Dodger Stadium Food

Baseball season is in full swing and Dodger Stadium is offering some new and delicious food choices. We went to check it out.

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