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Alex Padilla talks 2020 Census, social media and terror attacks, senior caregivers

Services like rides to the doctor or wheelchair ramps are among those that some Medicare Advantage plans will begin to offer next year.
Services like rides to the doctor or wheelchair ramps are among those that some Medicare Advantage plans will begin to offer next year.
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We talk to California Secretary of State Alex Padilla about the 2020 Census. Plus, the role social media plays in terror attacks. And, we look at the lack of caregivers for seniors.

Social media and violent threats

In both Saturday's shooting at the synagogue in Poway and in the thwarted attack planned in L.A. areas, social media and internet chat rooms played a role in ramping up the hateful rhetoric that contributed to these incidents.


2020 Census

The 2020 Census is less than one year away. And for states like California — the stakes are high. An estimated 72% of the state belongs to at least one historically undercounted group. And for every person not counted, the state loses about 2,000 dollars a year. All that might explain why state leaders plan to spend millions on outreach. Leading that charge is a familiar face — secretary of state Alex Padilla, appointed this morning as Chair of California's Complete Count Committee.


Poisoned mountain lions

Another Mountain Lion has died in the Santa Monica Mountains and the suspect is again the anticoagulant rodenticide - more commonly known at rat poison. The remains of P-47 were found late in March and a test of his liver revealed he has six different toxic compounds in his system. Last year Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, along with their park friends group, the Santa Monica Mountains Fund, launched #BreakThePoisonChain, an educational campaign to raise awareness about the negative impacts of anticoagulant rodenticides and encourage local residents to use alternative methods for rodent control. 


Oil Seeps

Santa Barbara's history with oil is mostly known for horrible environmental messes. It was, after all, 50 years ago that the largest oil spill in California history happened off its coast. But the region is special for another reason, and that's for something called oil seeps. That's the phenomena of tectonic activity lifting oil pockets toward the ocean surface. For more on these seeps and what they mean for the local ecosystem.


Caregiving for Seniors

California is getting older. By 2030, 19% of the state will be over the age of 65, and there are just not enough caregivers to attend to them. As part of our series, Graying California, reporter Elizabeth Aguilera has this story.

Fortune Cookies

What comes with the check at almost every Chinese restaurant? Fortune cookies, of course. They're something we take for granted at this point, but how did they come to be? Are they really Chinese? And did they originate in China? Or somewhere else? From San Francisco, reporter Suzie Racho unravels the mystery, which first appeared in KQED's The California Report Magazine this weekend.

Disneyland Changes

Disney will be smoke-free at all of its parks beginning tomorrow. Smoking will be prohibited in all parks, but designated smoking areas will be available outside the entrances of the parks, and in designated areas at Disney Springs and at Disney resort hotels. Disney will also be making changes to its stroller policy. The policy changes are designed to, among other things, help improve guest flow, ease congestion and make the park experience more enjoyable for everyone, Disney said in a statement.