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Infants and the US Census, CA population growth, slow freeways

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California Population Growth

California's population growth has slowed to the lowest level in history, according to new data from the California Department of Finance. We talk about what's a stake for the state economically


Infants and the U.S. Census

Young children are among the hard-to-reach populations when it comes to getting an accurate count in next year's census. Infants and toddlers have been historically undercounted.


Electric Appliances

On Monday L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti unveiled his Green New Deal for the city. At its core, it zeroes in ways we can reduce our carbon footprint on the roads we drive and in the building in which we live. And part of how we will do that includes the electrification of all sorts of things, including our appliances.


Elephant Seals

Scientists at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab are getting data from a surprising source. One that swims... dives... but also enjoys lounging on the beach.  We're talking about elephant seals. And for our purposes today we are referring to one specific seal in Antarctica...that is being used to study small-scale characteristics of the ocean that could potentially be linked to climate change. 


Scooter Helmet Science

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control released the results of a major scooter safety study today. And one of its biggest findings is that almost half of the injuries resulting from scooters are to the head, which brings us to the question of helmets. In California, scooter riders ages 18 and older are not legally required to wear helmets when riding scooters, though younger riders are. But with so many crashes resulting in head injuries, we decided to take a closer look at the scenarios in which helmets are most effective. 

L.A. Freeways are Getting Slower

USC's Crosstown project has examined the speeds of L.A.'s freeways and found that while some have gotten faster - many others have gotten slower.

Native Country of the Heart

Author Cherrie Moraga comes in studio to share excerpts of her book “Native Country of the Heart." The notable Chicana feminist, playwright and poet retells the story of her mother and upbringing as a biracial Mexican American woman coming to terms with her mixed heritage and queer identity while growing up in the background in the San Gabriel Valley.