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SoCal Edison Power Off Plan, Longitudinal Pre-K Study, LAPD Tasers

Some of the many utility poles and power lines that burned in the Thomas Fire. These poles were awaiting repairs on Dec. 6, 2017 on Highway 150 north of Santa Paula.
Some of the many utility poles and power lines that burned in the Thomas Fire. These poles were awaiting repairs on Dec. 6, 2017 on Highway 150 north of Santa Paula.
Sharon McNary/KPCC

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We look at Southern California Edison's plan to turn off power when severe weather could topple power lines and start a wildfire. Plus, LAPD has been buying tasers that aren't as effective as they thought. And, the results of a long-term pre-K study.

Newsom Healthcare 

Governor Gavin Newsom is taking his healthcare agenda on the road. Tuesday in Sacramento he kicked off an official tour, so to speak, for his "California for All" plan to provide more affordable healthcare for ALL families. The exact schedule is still unclear but he is expected to travel to various cities, including Los Angeles, to talk to entrepreneurs and others about how to best ensure everyone in the state.


SoCal Edison Power Off Plan

SoCal Edison and other utilities plan to turn the power off in communities when severe weather could topple infrastructure and spark a wildfire.


Mylar Balloons

Between Mother's and all through June it's mylar balloon season! SoCal Edison is getting the word out about the dangers these seemingly harmless balloons pose and what we can do to prevent power outages.


LAPD Tasers

When tasers work, they can take a suspect down in seconds with a single electrical jolt, incapacitating without killing. That’s why the Los Angeles Police Department, which tested and pioneered the weapons, has embraced the handheld devices for nearly four decades — and it’s why departments nationwide have done the same. But three years ago, the LAPD made a disturbing discovery: The department’s tasers were increasingly ineffective at subduing suspects in the field. And the decline correlated with a new model taser that the department had been buying.


Preschool Study

Nobel Laureate James Heckman has produced a report on the inter-generational impact of a 1960s preschool program. It's one of the few thorough longitudinal studies of pre-k. It shows lasting effects on education of the initial kids and their kids, crime reduction and the overall impact of parental involvement.


Seniors Living the Dream

There was a time in California when middle-class families could easily afford to buy a home. Over the decades, the value of those homes has appreciated…. so, many seniors in the state are able to continue to afford the good life. As part of our Graying California series, KPBS reporter Amita Sharma has this profile.

Remembering Tim Conway

Comedic actor Tim Conway died in Los Angeles today. He was 85 years old. A Martinez reflects on some of the best bits he grew up watching as a kid in LA.  

We Hunt the Flame

Hafsah Faizel is a Muslim American author whose debut, We Hunt the Flame, is one of the most anticipated young adult books of the year. The kick off to a fantasy series is inspired by ancient Arabia and features a heroine who masquerades as a man. Faizel was raised in Los Angeles.