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Jackie Goldberg Wins LAUSD Seat, Disney Takes Over Hulu, Little Willie G

Jackie Goldberg is a candidate for an open seat on the L.A. Unified School Board.
Jackie Goldberg is a candidate for an open seat on the L.A. Unified School Board.
Photo courtesy of the Goldberg campaign

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We look at what Jackie Goldberg hopes to tackle once she joins the L.A. Unified School District board, having won the election for the open District 5 seat. Plus, the latest Hollywood news. And, cruising Whittier Blvd. with Little Willie G.

Jackie Goldberg Wins LAUSD Seat

In what many observers are calling a win for the teachers’ union, veteran politician Jackie Goldberg returns to the L.A. school board after beating candidate Heather Repenning in the special election runoff for the District 5 seat.


Juvenile justice

Twenty-five years ago, California's juvenile justice facilities were packed to the brim as youth crime rates soared and the state embraced tough crime laws. Today, both county juvenile halls and the state's youth lockups are a sea of empty beds, the result of plummeting crime rates and a shift in how the state treats young offenders. But as KQED politics correspondent Marisa Lagos reports, some recent criminal justice reforms could hamper efforts to continue emptying out juvenile institutions.

Pacific Station

This morning, news crossed that the Los Angeles Police Department had to shut down the Pacific Station Jail on Culver Boulevard indefinitely. Officials called it "an infestation," and it turns out there aree some bed bugs in the place.  This comes just a few days after three officers at a DIFFERENT station in the San Fernando Valley were infected with a highly contagious staph infection. 


Long Beach plans for the Angels

It takes a lot of money to move. But what if that U-Haul costs $1.1 BILLION dollars? That might be the price tag for the city of Long Beach ... if it lures away the L.A. Angels. The baseball team's Anaheim lease ends in 2020. And like a pop-up ball it's up-in-the-air after that. So Long Beach has been flirting with the Angels.



As the mayor's plan to build bridge housing in every district across the city takes shape with ACTUAL proposed shelters. Residents who don't want them in their neighborhoods are resorting to an unusual legal tool to stop them. Activists in Venice and elsewhere in the state are filing lawsuits using the California Environmental Quality Act, or CEQA.


On the Lot

Disney's taking full control of the streaming service Hulu, and the TV industry is engaging this week in its decades-long practice of the Upfronts, appealing to advertisers to support its product.


Little Willie G on Whittier Boulevard

Willie Garcia, or Little Willie G, the iconic voice of the band, was barely an adult when Thee Midniters released the classic ode to Whittier Boulevard — the place where kids cruised for hours on a Saturday night back in 1965. East Los Angeles has changed quite a bit since then, but Little Willie G hasn't forgotten. 

Concert info:

Little Willie G, in Concert

Sunday, May 26, 6:00 PM

Victory Outreach, Whittier