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Merit-Based Immigration, What's Next for PG&E? Microgrids and wildfires

Sheriff deputies walk through a neighborhood destroyed by the Camp Fire near Paradise, Calif., on Nov. 10.
Sheriff deputies walk through a neighborhood destroyed by the Camp Fire near Paradise, Calif., on Nov. 10.
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We look at how immigration could change under President Trump's proposal for a merit-based system rather than one that's based on family. Plus, what's next for PG&E now that CAL Fire says it's responsible for the Camp Fire. And, proposed legislation could extend the statute of limitations for domestic violence cases.

Merit-based Immigration

As President Trump outlines his immigration plan, promoting a merit- rather than family-based system, we look at what that means for SoCal.


PG&E Camp Fire

It had been suspected for months that equipment belonging to Pacific Gas & Electric was responsible for the Camp Fire last fall that killed 85 people and practically leveled an entire town. Now that CAL Fire has official made that declaration, what does that mean for the utility and the victims of the blaze?


Microgrid and Wildfires

As Cal Fire reported yesterday, electrical transmission lines belonging to Pacific Gas & Electric caused the devastating Camp Fire of 2018. But it isn't the first time power lines have been found at fault for sparking major wildfires. So today, we're looking at the possibility of providing electricity without overhead transmission lines, using standalone energy systems, or so-called microgrids and whether they're a viable option in fire-prone areas.


Homeless college students

The state assembly's appropriations committee is expected to decide today whether the "safe parking lots" bill moves forward. The proposed legislation would require that California community colleges allow their homeless students to sleep in their cars on campus. Many community college students are watching the fate of this bill. KPCC's Adolfo Guzman-Lopez talked to one of them.

Tariffs and Consumers

The trade war between President Trump and China is heating up. Earlier this week ... his administration announced which imported goods from China would be hit with a 25 percent tariff. That means it'll cost more to ship something to shelves here. And if it gets more expensive to bring things to the U.S. ... then who pays for that higher price might be YOU at checkout. 


Aquarium of the Pacific

Emily Elena Dugdale reports live from the Aquarium of the Pacific as they launch an expansion called “Pacific Vision” and new exhibits that cover ocean sustainability and how that affects the California coast.

Emily Elena Dugdale