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Hydrogen-Powered Trucks At Port Of LA, the latest in the Georgia boycott, Beyond Meat

Joshua trees in bloom at Joshua Tree National Park on April 6, 2013.
Joshua trees in bloom at Joshua Tree National Park on April 6, 2013.
Dave Bezaire/Flickr Creative Commons

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We look at the Atwater Village Neighborhood Council recommendation that area residents get flood insurance. Plus, the Port of L.A. is about to begin testing hydrogen-powered trucks. And, we taste test the new meatless offerings at Del Taco.

Hydropower Joshua Tree

Controversy is brewing outside Joshua Tree National Park at an abandoned iron mine in the Eagle Mountain area. A Florida-based company wants to use the site to build a $2.5 billion-dollar hydroelectric power plant. And it's getting support from key legislators. But environmentalists say the project would hurt local wildlife. And utility ratepayers who would have to foot the bill for the project, they may not like it either. 


Project Portal Will Test Hydrogen Trucks

This week on Take Two, we'll take a closer look at zero-emissions trucks, starting with a new pilot program at the port of Los Angeles, where 18,000 trucks operate. Project Portal is a collaboration involving Toyota, the truck maker Kenworth, Shell and the UPS delivery service that uses hydrogen to fuel a small electric fleet. The Los Angeles area is ground zero for big changes happening in shipping as transport trucks transition from diesel.

On the Lot

The list of Hollywood projects boycotting Georgia for its so-called heartbeat bill continues to grow. Plus, Ava Duvernay's latest, "When They See Us."


DCFS Audit

The results of a year-long state audit of LA County's Department of Children and Family Services. The 49-page document, completed this week, highlighted consistent problems in how cases of reported abuse were handled between 2017 and 2018 including failures to follow up with investigations and delays in completing risk and safety assessments of homes, which are needed to determine a child's immediate needs. This despite an increase in budget and staffing during this period. The audit follows the high-profile deaths of two children in the system between 2013 and 2018.


Some Martini history

The martini is iconic. Not just because of James Bond, but the glass it's served in, those neon signs in front of old school bars – it even has its own emoji. Well, guess what? The drink was concocted in California - specifically, in the Bay Area. But exactly where the cocktail was invented, how it got its name, even what it's made of... that's where its story gets muddled. From the California Report, Bianca Taylor Reports.

Beyond Meat Taste Test

We test two tacos from Del Taco — one with meat and one with a meat substitute. Can we taste the difference?