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Charter School Regs, Stopping Elder Abuse and Best Protection Under The Sun

Bottles of sunscreen on sale.
Bottles of sunscreen on sale.
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The horse death tally at Santa Anita Race Track is now up to 29 with the passing of two racehorses this past weekend. As a result, the California Horse Racing Board asked the track to shut down and forgo the remaining days of the meet. We find out what this means for Santa Anita now and in the future.



A state task force has issued recommendations that would regulate the growth of charter schools in California. Take Two looks at how it could change the education landscape in Los Angeles.



More than seven decades ago about 120,000 Japanese Americans were forced to live in detention camps after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Maggie Ishino is one of fewer than 20,000 people alive today who still remember - and can share their experiences. Many in the Japanese American community feel a new urgency to preserve these stories. Take Two contributor Daniela Gerson takes us to Los Angeles.


Elder abuse  has been referred to as the "the most extreme form ageism." That includes financial abuse as well. Even as the problem continues to grow, elder abuse is an ignored and underfunded problem. We find out more about the health impacts of financial abuse and how providing a community can protect elders from abuse.



The book Ballpark chronicles the history of baseball: told through the stories of the ever-changing ballparks where the game was and is currently played. Take Two shines a light on some of the unknown stories of L.A.'s parks of yesteryear and today.



The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is bringing a new level of scrutiny to ingredients in sunscreen, new testing for ingredients like avobenzone and the elimination of entire product categories, including sunscreen wipes and shampoos. We speak with the head of research for Consumer Reports about the new regulations the FDA is considering for sunscreens, and also get the magazine's recommendations for the most effective, affordable and accurately labeled products.



Congress is considering legislation to encourage "outdoor therapy" for veterans with injuries or post-traumatic stress. The national bi-partisan bill would require the V.A. to coordinate with the Interior Department and other agencies to establish recreation and treatment programs on public lands. Volunteer groups are already running similar programs in National Parks, and researchers are trying to measure their medical impact. From Miami, Maria Bakkalapulo reports for the American Homefront Project.