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Inglewood Rent, Community College Housing, Taiko Drumming

Site plan of Inglewood stadium project.
Site plan of Inglewood stadium project.
Courtesy Hollywood Park Land Company

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With Inglewood getting a new sports stadium and new transit projects, housing prices are increasing - and so are rents. Plus, community colleges are looking to convert parking lots into dorms to help address the state's housing affordability crisis. And, taiko drumming in L.A.

Inglewood Rent Control

There's a boom happening in Inglewood. With a new stadium on the way, as well as new transit projects, property values have increased. But that's also sent some rents through the roof. There are reports of hikes as high as 140 percent. So this week, the Inglewood City Council voted to impose a cap on rents. They can't increase more than 8% in the course of one year. And if a tenant can't afford a rent hike of more than 4%, then a landlord needs to pony up more than $5,000 to help that renter relocate.


Community College Housing

As demand for higher education is booming, California's housing market is crippling. The result is a scourge of attainable student housing, which is proving to be a huge barrier between students and their academic success. More community colleges in California are looking to develop dormitories and other forms of housing.


CA Bills to Expunge Criminal Records

As California moves toward erasing criminal records for marijuana crimes, advocates and state lawmakers are pushing to clear the records of those who served their time for other offenses. Two Assembly-approved bills would automatically expunge arrests and crimes for ONE million California residents.


L.A. City Councilmembers Fight Over Homeless

The homelessness crisis is a major issue across SoCal, and now it's causing a bit of a spat between local officials. Los Angeles City Councilmembers Mike Bonin and Joe Buscaino are accusing neighboring cities of pushing homeless people out of their towns and across the border into Los Angeles.

Undocumented Students

In California, thousands of undocumented high school students will get their diplomas. But for many, the future is uncertain. It’s not easy to choose college if you might not be able to legally work. 

On the Lot

The latest news from Hollywood.


Taiko Drumming

On June 15, L.A.'s Taiko Project will present a concert at the Ford Theater, spanning several generations of Taiko drummers, joined by two groups, Bombu Taiko and the youth performing group Kitsune Taiko: 50 taiko drummers of all ages will perform on drums of different sizes.