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State of Affairs, Sea Ranch, Deer Camp

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We look at what California Democrats want in a presidential candidate as part of our weekly political chat, State of Affairs. Plus, how the iconic Sea Ranch development in Northern California is adapting to climate change. And, L.A. author Dean Kuipers talks about repairing the relationship with his father in the new memoir, The Deer Camp.

State of Affairs

A Public Policy Institute of California poll shows Democrats are split over what they want in a presidential candidate. Meanwhile, Golden State Republicans show opposition to new tariffs on Mexico, but few are willing to oppose the president.


Sea Ranch

Northern California's Sea Ranch has been an architectural marvel since it first began, back in the 1960s. A compound of modernist, slanted-wood structures nestled into an idyllic seaside setting, it's long been a model of chic sustainability -- the embodiment of the California dream. But climate change is beginning to affect what many see as a modernist utopia just a few hours up the coast from San Francisco. And its newest inhabitants are beginning to incorporate that reality into the homes that are now being built there. 


Do Bug Sprays Work?

Time to battle bugs, and the deadly diseases they can carry. This year, according to L.A. County Vector Control, because of all of those torrential spring rainstorms we had, this summer could be one of the buggiest summers in memory. We look at which bug sprays and repellents work, and which ones don't.


The Deer Camp

L.A. writer Dean Kuipers has a new book called "The Deer Camp: A Memoir of a Father, A Family and the Land That Healed Them." The memoir is the story about a dad gone bad, how nature brought him back together with his sons, and what this means for our relationship to the planet. Kuipers is a former environment editor for the Los Angeles Times who has written for The Atlantic, Outside magazine, Lithub and Rolling Stone.


29 Fabulous Things To Do This Weekend In Southern California

OC Night Market returns to Costa Mesa. Taco, bread, beer and vegan food festivals should sate your appetite. Juneteenth shindigs commemorate the end of slavery. Smorgasburg L.A. celebrates its third aniversary. The Keaunssance continues with an anniversary screening of The Matrix. The L.A. Conservancy is ready to fill its Last Remaining Seats.


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