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Citizenship Question On 2020 Census, Body Cam Law, Golden Eagle Chicks

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We look at how L.A. could be affected by a Supreme Court ruling on whether a citizenship question can be part of the 2020 Census. Plus, California's new body cam law takes effect on July 1.

Supermarket Strike Vote

Earlier today, grocery store workers at Vons, Ralphs and Albertsons voted to give their union leaders the authority to strike. Note, this does not mean a strike is imminent or will even happen. But it does give officials the leverage to call for a walkout at any time. And considering the last big supermarket strike in LA sixteen years ago was hugely disruptive for the workers, the stores and their customers, we thought we'd check in on what's happening.


Body Cam Law

Assemblymember Phil Ting’s body cam bill from last year becomes law on July 1. It requires law enforcement to release body cam video within 45 days of a critical incident.  


Body Cams and the L.A. Sheriff's Department

The L.A. Sheriff's Department has been slow to adopt body cameras for its officers.


Supreme Court and the Census

In one of its last remaining decisions, the Supreme Court may on Wednesday rule on whether to allow a citizenship question to be added to the 2020 Census. We explain the effects of the decision on the Census and on L.A.'s ability to do the population count.


On the Lot

Warner Bros. has a new CEO, Ann Sarnoff. She's the first woman to helm the studio in its 96-year history. Plus,  The Office will stop streaming on Netflix in 2020, when it heads to NBC Universal's streaming platform.


Eagle chicks

For the first time in 30 years, a pair of Golden Eagle chicks have been found in the Santa Monica Mountains. A consultant conducting bird surveys stumbled upon the 12-week old male and female chicks several weeks ago, but the National Park Service is just now releasing information about them.