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Ridgecrest Earthquake, Wildfire Legislation, Hollyhock House

Hollyhock House dominates the top of a hill in East Hollywood from which you could see the Pacific Ocean on a clear day.
Hollyhock House dominates the top of a hill in East Hollywood from which you could see the Pacific Ocean on a clear day.
Shana Daloria/KPCC

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We speak with a pastor in Trona, Califronia, about the earthquakes that have been rattling the area in recent days. Plus, Governor Newsom is backing legislation that would hold utilities responsible for wildfire-related expesnes. And, Frank Lloyd Wright's Hollyhock House in Los Angeles gets UNESCO World Heritage Site designation.

Ridgecrest Quake

It's been days since back-to-back earthquakes struck Southern California emanating near the town of Ridgecrest. First there was a 6.4 magnitude quake on July 4th. Then the next day, another one measuring 7.1 rumbled through. And dozens of small aftershocks continue to shake up the area right now. It's left a lot of rattled nerves in the small towns close to the epicenter. We hear more about what it was like.


Ridgecrest Aftermath

Over the weekend, crews of engineers and seismologists have been out in Ridgecrest, near the fault lines working around the clock monitoring aftershocks and measuring impact trying to learn whatever they can about this latest sequence of earthquakes. 


Santa Monica's Homeless Multidisciplinary Street Team

Santa Monica has a city-wide program focused on a specific slice of its homeless population -- those who most frequently interact with the city's emergency services. The program is officially known as the Homeless Multidisciplinary Street Team, also known as "Hamster." The city spends about $600,000 a year on the program. But a recent study from the nonprofit, RAND, found the program saved the city money by reducing the number of emergency calls.


Wildfire legislation

Six-month Governor Gavin Newsom faces a critical test this week. He's got to sell lawmakers on an ambitious bill that would hold the state's three big power providers responsible for wildfire-related expenses while averting another bankruptcy. It's the first major legislation he's pushed, and he's got until Friday to make it work. 


L.A.'s Hollyhock House is UNESCO World Heritage Site

Frank Lloyd Wright is, perhaps, the most famous American architect. The forerunner of California modernism, he designed more than 1,000 structures with a philosophy he called "organic architecture," which harmonized humanity and the natural environment. Now eight of his buildings have been designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including one in Los Angeles. The Hollyhock House, originally built for Aline Barnsdall and now a part of the Barnsdall Art Park in Los Feliz, is the first L.A. building to be selected for the world-recognized historic designation.


Artist Mentor Series – Rhode and Floyd

Children's book illustrator and author Rhode Montijo didn't think he could ever go to college. That is, until he met his art teacher, Floyd Nordwick. KPCC arts education reporter Carla Javier tells the story of the fortuitous mentor/mentee relationship.